Theming is one of the main tools for your visitors to surround themselves with a “complete sensory experience”. PoolSensations ensures that all visual and non-visual elements in a space or location are matched to provide any type of experience.

Of course you can choose to give a room or space a single theme. However, many visitors’ tastes and expectations are constantly changing. To meet the demand of these ever-changing expectations, you can now have technical solutions that from a single, simple control panel allows you and your clientele to choose from an endless choice of themes.

PoolSensations has the expertise to make it happen!  Take advantage of their know-how.



PoolSensations makes, creates and delivers TOTAL sensory visualizations that fit your specific location locale and target audience. Each visualization is customized according to your wishes and the expectations of your visitors.

PoolSensations is able to work out every idea into a fully feasible and successful concept.


You can enhance any project, any space, with interactive products and elements. Visitors are encouraged to not only take in the experience, but to be active participants.  PoolSensations has an extensive range of interactive products that can support and emphasize the uniqueness of your location facility.

We would like to work out a customized plan for your specific situation.