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PoolSensations designs and themes swimming pools and wellness locations worldwide
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PoolSensations specializes in the design and implementation of swimming pool renovations where the customer experience is central. Its customers are mainly found in the swimming pool and leisure industry. The basis of the designs are often enormous lifelike visuals on walls and / or windows in a chosen theme. These visuals are made up of tens to hundreds of photos, creating an unprecedented sharp and realistic image.

What is our vision?

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PoolSensations is the inventor of the term ‘experience architecture’. In concrete terms, experience architecture is the artistic translation of the sensory experience. Huge visuals are the foundation of the transformation. By adding light, scent and sound, we create a maximum experience.

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Through intensive cooperation with other producers, water elements and interactivity are linked together in the chosen theme. This creates a harmonious whole. Scent, color and sound then provide the sensory experience, giving your space a real metamorphosis.

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