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PoolSensations creates a unique experience for your space or location
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Theming is one of the most important tools to immerse visitors in a complete experience, as it were. PoolSensations ensures that all visual and non-visual elements in a space or location coincide to create that unique experience. You can of course choose to give a room one theme. All senses are stimulated and stimulated and no technical means are left unused. Optimal experience is: time and again exceeding the expectations of your visitors. We are happy to show you how this works.

How do we combine visuals with experience?


Taste and expectations of your visitors are constantly changing. It may be wise to take advantage of technical solutions that allow you to easily give a room a completely new theme. PoolSensations has all the knowledge and experience for this in house. Take advantage of this.


You probably already have a good idea of what you want to offer your visitors. PoolSensations ensures that your idea is a success. Your project is first worked out completely in 3D and fully visualized. This way you know exactly what you and your visitors can expect before anything is built. You will be guided by specialists with many years of experience from design to commissioning of the space concerned. Only when your customer’s expectations are exceeded and you are satisfied, the PoolSensations specialists are also satisfied.

Interactivity creates atmosphere

Interactive products

You can expand your project with interactive products and elements. This stimulates visitors to not only experience the experience, but also to be an active part of it. PoolSensations has an extensive range of interactive products that can support and emphasize the uniqueness of your location. We are happy to work out a tailor-made plan for you that is appropriate in your case.

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