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The various PoolSensations products for your unique experience
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POOLPANEL-XXL on your existing tile walls provide a very realistic image, whereby the visitor, for example, imagines himself on a tropical island!


Window graphics

WindowGraphics on your existing windows take the visitor to another world. Sun and light bring the WindowGraphics to life and the image remains visible at night! Theming has never been easier!


Acoustic walls

Acoustic pool panels definitively deal with, for example, the reverberation of screaming children in your swimming pool. The panels are sound-absorbing and may or may not be provided with a print in the theme of the bath.


Bucket game

Do you dare to enter a competition with the chance that you will get a bucket of water over you when you lose? Then this is your game! WHO GETS WET? You play the bucket game with 2 players and 2 smash boards. Each board has 7 smash points. The system determines which smashpoint lights up per board.



Turn your swimming pool into a marketing tool !! Everyone wants to share the photo of the winning moment on social media. Your logo can be incorporated into the photo and this provides a nice experience on the timeline of the glider, for example they are your best ambassadors!


Slide wrap

Turn your old slide into a new hip slide that no one can ignore. PoolSensations transforms the existing slide shares to, for example, an old oak or a jungle track, creating a new attraction. Indistinguishable from the real thing! Let us inform you about the possibilities.



WallTex is a PVC wallpaper with a light structure and a gray backing to prevent any shine through. In many cases this can be done seamlessly (depending on the situation on location). WallTex is ideal, such as at the entrance, hallway or catering